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Software Engineer

Hi there, I'm Carter, the main engineer working on this project. Welcome to the brand-spanking new Seller Tools app! Here, you can use our Final Payout and Listing Price calculators and access our Knowledge Center and other hot links. If you have any ideas or feedback about this website itself, please don't hesitate to reach out at carter@pushas.com. Any inquires related to selling can be directed to sell@pushas.com.

July 11th, 2022

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

Payments are made via direct bank transfer or through Paypal.

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Once a sale is made and an order has been fulfilled, we process all payments on Thursdays, AEST. We do not offer...

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Our warehouses are located in Sydney and Los Angeles. Sellers are responsible for shipping labels and costs to PUSHAS.

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We charge is a small marketplace fee for our services once a sale is made.

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